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  • Well Visit
  • Sick Visit
  • Suturing
  • Splint Casting
  • DOT Physical
  • Drug Screening
  • Kindergarten Physical
  • Sports Physical
  • Breath Alcohol Test (BAT)
  • And more...

Weight Management Program

We have three different approaches to choose from. We have Diet Consultation, Lypo Shots and Phentermine Medications. After your initial visit we will set down and recommend what we think would be the best for you. Even with the best diet some people have trouble losing weight. Normally this is caused by our metabolism slowing down. The Lypo Shots and Phentermine both can help in this area. Phentermine also suppresses your appetite so that you feel less hungry. It works by changing levels of brain chemicals that affect appetite. As with any diet program, a recommended exercise routine is added bonus to weight and overall health. Make your appointment today for an healthier tomorrow.


CryoPen is a state of the art piece of equipment that selectively destroys lesions (warts, moles, tags) by killing cells with extreme cold temperatures. It is normal for a blister to appear within the first 24 hours of treatment. The blister will normally last several days. Healing occurs 1-6 weeks depending on size of lesions and depth. This procedure is faster and offers better healing with minimal scarring. See pictures from the link below to see the different kinds of lesions that can be treated. Make your appointment today for an healthier tomorrow. View Leasions

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